Digital Travel EU 2021 Blog

The Impact of COVID-19 on the Travel Industry in 2020

TripTuner’s Founder and CEO, Tedd Evers, shares his perspectives and expertise on how the European travel brands can best prepare themselves for the impact of COVID-19 and how the industry will be affected from 2021 onwards.

Ryanair is Looking for Global Innovators to Become the Amazon of Air Travel

Many companies merely aspire to be the Amazon of their industry, but Ryanair is opening innovation labs all over the world in efforts to achieve this in the airline business

Here’s How Accor Hotels Is Being Smart About Its Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is continuing its ascent in the travel and leisure industry, and from mobile technology to smart rooms, Accor Hotels is off to a flying start

Here’s How Royal Caribbean is Using an App Driven by Artificial Intelligence to Personalise Their Luxury Cruises

Artificial intelligence-driven technology is becoming an ever-greater part of our lives. Now Royal Caribbean International is employing it to augment the luxury vacation experience for its clients.