Pricing & Tickets

Huge Group Discount for Travel Retailers

*Group discount only applicable to travel retailers

3+ passes - 20% off per ticket

6+ passes - 40% off per ticket

Travel Retailers

OTA & Meta Search Professionals

Solution Providers


All prices subject to 20% UK VAT

Please note, Travel Retailers pricing is applicable for ecommerce, marketing, customer experience and digital marketing specialists from travel organisations. If you are in sales or business development function for an OTA, Meta or other, WBR reserves the right to charge the vendor price

If payment of a booking is not received at the point of registration the booking will be subject to a processing fee of £49 plus VAT

Cheques are not an acceptable payment method within 10 weeks prior to the event

Solution Providers Include: Sales or business development function for an OTA, Meta or other, any service provider to business to consumer organisations – Including software vendors, internet developers, technology vendors, solution providers, consultants or companies with primary revenues resulting from commissions, subscriptions and/or advertising

Worldwide Business Research reserves the right to enforce the rate for those companies/professionals that do not qualify as Travel Retailers

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