Digital Travel EU 2020

03 - 04 November, 2020


Why We Sponsor Digital Travel


Why We Sponsor: Tinyclues

Tinyclues is a SaaS solution company, helping retail and travel marketers find the best target for their companies. Find out more…


Why We Sponsor: AB Tasty

AB Tasty is the fastest-growing provider of AI-powered experimentation & personalisation, helping businesses drive more conversions and revenue on all their digital assets. Find out more…


Why We Sponsor: Relay42

"We sponsor because the audience is the right audience for us, we meet a lot of airlines and we have KLM as one of our top clients. It has really helped to use that case in front of new prospects." Find out more…


Why We Sponsor: Riskified

“We had great feedback on the masterclass session; it gave us a more in-depth story line around what we do and what the industry looks like. " Read more here…

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