"The Digital Travel Summit’s inaugural year was a huge success! I loved hearing case studies and panels from leading travel and hospitality brands like Four Seasons, JetBlue, and Marriott. Definitely came away with actionable ideas to incorporate into my own business."

Eric Petersen, Director of Interactive Marketing, Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

"I was able to meet with other forward thinking and inspirational marketers and in turn learn from their experiences of delivering market leading consumer campaigns. I walked away with a number of actionable ideas which I look forward to sharing with my colleagues."

Jenna Steggles, Marketing Communications Manager, Virgin Atlantic Airways

"These events bring together some of the smartest digital minds in the travel industry. The content is timely and informative, and the sessions are engaging. I look forward to participating and contributing to future events with WBR."

Jonathan Stephen, Head of Mobile & Emerging Technologies, JetBlue Airways

"The show was an intimate setting with meaningful discussions, leading-edge solutions and thought leaders in the travel industry- a refreshing change from the mega show concept."

Michael Weiss, Director, Online Retail, Global Operations, Marriott International

"The caliber of the brands here is really phenomenal. It’s great to see a mix of very high-level theory with practical application. I think you need both to get value out of a conference, as well as a mix of what the new tools are out there."

Felicia Yukich, Manager, Social Media Marketing, Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts

"Very impressive and sort of a mini-education in all of the different facets of marketing which are considered cutting-edge."

Jonathan Isernhagen, Director, Marketing Analysis, Travelocity

"I think you guys nailed the content mix perfectly - I came away very impressed by the show..."

John Caine, VP, Marketing, Priceline.com

"I really really enjoyed the event. I thought that it had the right mix of content..."

Orr Shakked, Director of Travel Ticket Product, Hot Wire

"I thought the CEO Summit was very innovative..."

Fred Lerner, CEO, Ritz Interactive

"It’s wonderful to offer ideas and learnings to companies just delving into email marketing."

Aimee Peterson, Direct Marketing Lead Copywriter, Expedia