Why we Sponsor Digital Travel Marketing

Riskified is a privately held company that provides software as a service fraud and chargeback prevention technology. Their data scientists employ machine-learning algorithms to ensure merchants always stay one step ahead.

We spoke to Eric Kansky, Business Development at Riskified to see why they sponsor Digital Travel.

Who: Riskified

Where: Digital Travel

When: June 2018

What: Exhibition stand

Benefits: Excellent way to get ahead of competitors and showcase products making the brand instantly recognizable

“The roundtable was a good time to share company experiences and personal experiences and share with one another, so that was great. And for sponsor purposes; the networking breaks were fantastic because when people are having coffee or a meal, it is a nice time to chat and build relationships. And the drinks on the evening  of day 1 were good, we had nice conversations.

The content is very interesting but the time to interact is the most valuable. Compared to other events I go to this has been very small and intimate; its been nice”

“I was able to set up one of two meetings through the app and the meetings went really well. Overall there are relevant people for us here.

Next year we're looking for more of the same, to meet new brands, more networking time or sponsor a session. Maybe even a speaking engagement to get our names out there a little bit more, it would be really great”

If you’d like to join Riskified at Digital Travel then get in touch and find out more about how you can get involved.