Why we Sponsor Digital Travel

Relay42 is the only platform built for AI-driven customer journeys with real-time connectivity to all systems and touchpoints. They created the only marketing platform built from the ground up with integrated AI and industry-specific models

We spoke to Robert Woltersom, Marketing Manager at Relay42 to see why they sponsor Digital Travel.

Who: Relay42

Where: Digital Travel

When: June 2018

What: Case study interview session and an invitation-only masterclass.

Benefits: Great way to grab attention and showcase products or services. Creating a leading edge on the competition with their exhibition space, “we had absolutely great footfall”. Opportunities to help shape the agenda. Relay42 created thought leadership, enhanced status and influenced the discussions of the day.

“We sponsor because the audience is the right audience for us, we meet a lot of airlines and we have KLM as one of our top clients. It has really helped to use that case in front of new prospects. The room was completely full during the interview session with KLM and with the masterclass as well. The masterclass is a great set up; I like the whole idea of you finding people for the masterclass prior to the event itself. Overall I thinks it’s a great set up because we create an ‘A list’ and ‘B list’ of people who we want to join the masterclass and then the Digital Travel team help us find the right attendees, so that’s great.”

“We had great feedback on the masterclass session; it gave us a more in-depth story line around what we do and what the industry looks like. I believe a speaking slot is mandatory for each event, as it creates awareness on what we do as a company and who we are as a company. But it also gives the audience more of a leadership feeling.

"Next year we're looking for more of the same, to meet new brands and great networking opportunities. I was very happy with the audience; right calibre of job title and company. We would absolutely do a masterclass and a case study again, especially on day one because it was so highly attended.”

If you’d like to join Relay42 at Digital Travel 2019 then get in touch and find out more about how you can get involved.