Digital Travel Europe 2017

27 - 28 June, 2017

The Tower Hotel, London

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  • Conference Report
  • The Digital JourneyThe Digital Journey
    Digital has fundamentally changed the way we do business – and the travel industry is on a digital journey all of its own. 

    This report is designed to offer critical insight on some of the biggest challenges facing the online travel industry in 2016/17 as well as to benchmark the industry’s response.
  • The Most Popular Investment Areas For Travel ProvidersThe Most Popular Investment Areas For Travel Providers
    Keen to see which new markets and the most popular technologies travel companies are investing in?
    We’re currently under way with the second annual Digital Travel Europe Report but while we finish that off I thought you’d be keen to see where companies see their budgets being spent in 2016.
    You can view the full infographic which looks at investment opportunities here.
  • Black Pepper: Can technology deliver a seamless travel experience?Black Pepper: Can technology deliver a seamless travel experience?

    Can technology deliver a seamless travel experience?

    In the digital age, the number of consumers heading to their local travel agent to book a holiday continues to deplete , with more than 80 per cent of holidays booked online. Every flight, hotel reservation and online currency exchange creates data which the travel industry can utilise to improve the customer experience.

  • Alleviating Alleviating 'day of travel' frustrations with intelligent mobile services and uncovering new revenue opportunities

    MTT, a leading provider of sophisticated mobile and digital technology to the travel industry, shares insight into how airlines and travel companies can alleviate ‘day of travel’ frustrations by leveraging intelligent mobile and digital services while at the same time uncover new revenue opportunities.

    • Findings from MTT's 'day of travel' research - airport observations, an online survey and one-on-one interviews with travellers.

    • The primary frustrations experienced by travellers on their ‘day of travel’.

    • How real-time, contextual and personalised travel updates via mobile can ease and enhance the overall travel journey and drive mobile engagement.

    • What types of mobile services do travellers value most when travelling and why.

  • The True Costs of PaymentsThe True Costs of Payments

    Many travel companies continue to calculate the cost of payments based on direct costs, such as fees and surcharges. However, failing to factor in indirect or ‘hidden’ costs mean travel companies don’t know the true cost of payments – and paying more than they need to as a result. So what are these costs that make up the true costs of payments?

  • Mobile Attribution & Marketing Analytics for the Travel Industry Mobile Attribution & Marketing Analytics for the Travel Industry
    After going through a major shake up when online travel agents (OTAs) took over real life agents, the travel industry is experiencing yet another major shift with mobile. But with 50% of users in 2015 expected to explore flights, hotels and more not only on a desktop but also (or only) on a mobile device, travel marketers must adapt to a mobile-first reality. 
    Mobile Attribution & Marketing Analytics for the Travel Industry is a comprehensive guide that will help travel marketers understand how to measure their mobile marketing and advertising campaigns, analyze the data and ultimately experience significant performance uplift.

  • Jumio in Action Jumio in Action

    Jumio is digitizing businesses by delivering the next-generation of on-line and mobile ID management and credentials verification. Using computer vision technology, we make it possible to conduct a wide range of mobile transactions without a single keystroke. Our mission is to help businesses reduce fraud, meet regulations and increase revenue while providing a fast, seamless customer experience.

  • Jumio Casestudy: EasyjetJumio Casestudy: Easyjet

    CASE STUDY: easyJet integrates Jumio technology to enhance the mobile booking process and enable APIS compliance

  • Post Show ReportPost Show Report

    If you’re interested in being apart of Digital Travel 2016, you will be interested in seeing our post event report from the event where you will see first hand the success of the event as well as the quality of attendees.

    Fill out the short form below to see the full event report.

  • The Digital Travel Summit Director’s Report The Digital Travel Summit Director’s Report
    Discover the trends shaping the travel industry today, and innovative solutions to the challenges of tomorrow in the Digital Travel Summit Director’s Report – based on three months of intensive research by the Programme Director of the Digital Travel Summit, Sarah Palit.
  • Benchmark Report Reveals Travel CompaniesBenchmark Report Reveals Travel Companies' Top Priorities 2015


  • Guest Messaging for TodayGuest Messaging for Today's Travelers
    Traditionally mobile communication with hotel guests has not gone beyond bookings. Now, with today’s evolving mobile technology, hotels are able to expand the conversation and engage their guests throughout the entire traveler journey. SMS provides an immediate communication channel in order to increase issue resolution, market additional services, get faster customer reviews and foster brand loyalty.