Digital Travel Summit EU 2018

June 26-June 27, 2018

etc.venues County Hall, London

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Quantum Metric

Quantum Metric
Quantum Metric is a leading digital Customer Experience SaaS platform that quickly increases conversion rates and improves customer experiences.  Using machine intelligence and human behavior analysis, QM automatically segments and helps prioritize where customers are struggling on digital platforms.  
With its new Native Mobile offering, QM provides unparalleled insights across digital channels, providing organizations with end-to-end digital CX management of each digital journey. 
Monitoring over $20 Billion in eCommerce, QM has recovered over $200 Million In lost revenue due to poor and unknown customer experiences.  QM challenges organizations with a free, zero-effort "proof of value" to drive shareholder value and put QM to the test to see the immediate revenue impact and ROI.

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